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History of the Club

The Saturday Music Club was founded in 1906 as the Girls’ Music Club. It was launched by Ella Mae Smith, president of the Women’s Music Club (now known as Women in Music–Columbus) as part of the club’s Music Education program. Its purpose was to develop the musical talent of its members and to offer encouragement to serious students. The unofficial purpose was to qualify young girls for membership in the sponsoring club.

The Girls’ Music Club met on the first Saturday afternoon of each month in members’ homes and in small auditoriums. Members took turns performing at the meetings.

The Girls’ Music Club continued under the unofficial guidance of the Women’s Music Club until 1915, when it was reorganized and a new constitution was adopted. Membership was opened to both men and women, and the name was eventually changed to The Saturday Music Club. The club was first affiliated with the National Federation of Music Clubs and the Ohio Federation of Music Clubs in 1927.

The Saturday Music Club members are proud of the Club’s contribution to the musical life of Central Ohio.

Club Programs

The Saturday Music Club meets monthly from September through June, presenting free programs once a month from October through May to which the public is invited.

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Club Administration

The business of the club is conducted by elected officers and committee chairpersons appointed by the President. Go to the Leadership Page for details of this season’s officers and chairpersons.

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